4 Warm Winter Drinks to Chase Away the Chills

Warm Winter Drinks to Chase Away the ChillsWinter is an unpredictable whirlwind of feelings, temperatures and emotions. And like an angst-filled teenager, it goes through phases. As you encounter each stage of winter, keep yourself warm with our homemade drink suggestions.

Stage 1: “I love winter! I love snow! I love everything!”

The first stage of winter is usually welcomed. After suffering through a long, hot summer, the cooler winter weather comes as a relief. Snow is exciting, and shoveling is not yet dreaded. Enjoy a Snowflake Hot Chocolate as you watch the snow fall gently outside your window.

Stage 2: “Ahh, the holidays. It feels so warm, yet so cold.”

Friends, family, fireplaces and peppermint aplenty. By now, winter has officially wormed its way in, unpacked and settled down. It’s not going anywhere. You find yourself only wearing sweaters and fuzzy socks and craving the closest thing to a hot latte. Reach for a Warm Cookie Steamer to keep warm.

Stage 3: “Is it over yet?”

You’ve entered the dead (the dread) of winter. You wear multiple pairs of pants and socks when you leave for the coffeehouse, trying to stay warm. Days are much shorter, and you’re beginning to forget what the sun was like. Why not try a homemade Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Mocha to power through the rest of the winter, let alone rest of your day.

Stage 4: “Spring, is that you?”

Days are getting longer, and the temperature is no longer below freezing. The world around you is beginning to thaw, and you’ve come to the realization that there’s hope it may one day get warmer. Maybe. Drink a Peaches and Cream Steamer to set the springtime (summer daydreaming) mood.