Stock the coolest coffee bar cart of the season

Yes, coffee bar carts are a thing.

At home coffee bars + bar carts = coffee bar carts. Talk about the perfect entertaining experience this holiday season!

You’ll have the coolest bar in the neighborhood. Plus, you can sit back and sip as your guests help themselves.

Set up your coffee bar cart with a few key pieces:

Stock the coffee bar cart









Mugs and mixing glasses

Must haves include glasses for pints, old fashioneds, coupe, rocks drinks, wine and champagne flutes.

Your guests will have a harder time deciding which fun glass to use than what to drink.

Seasonal or spicy?

Keep everyone happy by stocking Peppermint, Cinnamon, Chinese Five Spice and Habanero syrups.

Give it a shot

An espresso machine means everyone will stay caffeinated no matter how late the holiday parties go.

Shot glasses are equally important.

Shaken or stirred

Meet everyone’s cocktail needs. Set out the cocktail shaker, citrus reamer, muddler, serrated paring knife and cocktail spoon.

The holiday season brings out all types. We have your margarita mavens, sangria sippers and sweet and sour pals covered.

Cut to the chase

Put out some garnishes on a cutting board. Good cocktails need lime wedges, orange and lemon ½ wheels, Luxardo cherries and fresh strawberries.

Insider tip: marshmallows make coffee more fun.

Stock the bar

Our cocktail maven Joey has declared Fresh Rosé the wine of 2017. Get ahead of the game and stock up now.

Looking for liquors with a clean flavor profile? Joey’s favorites are Patron Silver and Tito’s Vodka.

What else are you stocking the coffee bar cart with this holiday season? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Our favorite coffee bar cart pic may just get a little holiday treat.