Brewing Methods Part 5: How to Make Pour-Over Coffee

Brewing Methods Part 5: How to Make Pour-Over Coffee

Pour-over coffee is a popular brewing method for the patient coffee aficionado willing to wait for the perfect cup. The method is central to Japanese coffee culture, where a mug of java is ceremonious, not instantaneous. This method requires some special equipment, but the results are worth the investment.

Pour-over flavors are sweet and bright—much more distinctive than your typical mug of joe from a drip coffee machine. Add even more flavor to your cup when you swirl in fruity notes of Black Cherry or Almond. Follow the instructions below to get brewing.

What You’ll Need:

Dripper, like the Bee House Pour Over
Kettle, like the Hario Buono
Paper filters, like Melitta #4
Scale, like the Jennings CJ4000
Coffee grinder
3 tbsp coffee beans
Boiled water
Mug or carafe


1. Bring about 20 ounces of water to boil.
2. Place your mug or carafe and dripper on the scale.
3. Fold your filter along the scalloped edges and place it in the dripper.
4. Pre-rinse the filter by pouring about half your water through the dripper. This will also pre-heat your mug or carafe.
5. Dump the used water, add your coffee grounds to the rinsed filter and zero out the scale.
6. Start the timer, gently pour about 6 tablespoons of water over your grounds (causing the coffee to bloom), stir the contents and then wait 30 seconds.
7. Continue pouring in slow, circular motions. The weight should be around 350 grams after one minute.
8. Your mug or carafe should be almost full (10 ounces) by two minutes. If you have leftover water in the dripper, place it in the sink.
9. Add your favorite flavor and enjoy.

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