Peppermint Mocha Recipe for a Cozy At-Home Treat

Peppermint Mocha RecipeNothing says cozy more than sitting in your favorite coffee shop with a warm holiday drink in one hand and your favorite book in the other. From the first sip as the chocolaty froth touches your lips and the peppermint steam reaches your nose, a wave of warmth and holiday cheer envelops you.

But if the cold weather makes leaving your home a dreary prospect, take comfort in knowing you can craft your favorite holiday drink IN your own kitchen.

Keep your PJs on and snuggle up with a good book or a favorite holiday movie. Our DIY peppermint mocha recipe will be all the company you need to stay warm.

Homemade Peppermint Mocha


1 oz chocolate sauce

½ oz DaVinci Gourmet Peppermint Classic Syrup

Steamed milk

1 shot espresso


Combine ingredients in a 12-oz cup. Mix well. Serve with a candy cane stir stick. Enjoy.