3 Ways to Make Your Own Soda at Home

3 Ways to Make Your Own Soda

Looking to make your own soda at home? When the fizz tickles your nose and the flavor hits your lips for the first time, you’ll be glad you decided to go DIY. From the modern soda makers on the market to old-fashioned brewing methods, there’s more than one way to make a refreshing homemade soft drink from scratch. One thing’s for sure: If it’s sweetened or sugar-free flavor you’re looking for, have fun with your flavors.

Try these three methods for making your own soda.

Home Soda Makers

Sodastream took the homemade soda world by storm and is the modern way to make your own soda as if it were fresh from the fountain at your local restaurant. There are also alternative soda makers to make the refreshing drink you’re looking for. There’s even a fun homemade carbonation system from Popular Science for the diehard DIY’ers.


Prepare plain seltzer water with your Sodastream or other home soda maker, then stir flavoring into your glass or pitcher to taste. Typically 1 or 2 tbsp will do the job per 8-oz drink. Mix and match more than 70 Classic and Sugar Free flavored syrups.

Go Simple with Seltzer Water

Sparkling water, carbonated water, seltzer water. It goes by many names, but plain soda water is the quickest and most affordable way to get a flavorful glass in hand. Find a fresh bottle of sparkling water and mix with your favorite flavor of DaVinci Gourmet Classic or Sugar-Free Syrup to taste. Club soda and carbonated water only contain water and carbonation, while tonic water is flavored and will make your drink sweeter from the start.

Traditional Brewing Method

This process takes a bit more effort, but is far less expensive, and the payoff is well worth the wait. This method uses yeast in a process similar to brewing beer—with the difference being a shorter fermentation time to naturally carbonate the beverage without producing alcohol.

What you’ll need:

In your 12-qt pot, bring 2 gal of water to a boil and mix in sugar until completely dissolved. Cool to room temperature and pour the mixture into the 5-gal bucket with 2 gal of water, one 750 mL bottle of DaVinci Flavored Gourmet Syrup and the packet of Champagne yeast. Mix well.

Transfer soda to bottles, leaving room at the top for expansion. Store in a dark place for 24–72 hours until the bottles are firm when squeezed. Move the bottles to the refrigerator and enjoy. Note: It’s important to keep your soda refrigerated to prevent the yeast from continuing the fermentation process.

Now that you’ve got the homemade soda process perfected, it’s time to experiment!

What flavors would you try in your soda? Browse our Classic and Sugar Free flavors, then tell us in the comments!