How to Make Flavored Iced Tea for the Hot Days of August


How to Make Flavored Iced Tea for the Hot Days of August

In the last days of August, the sun beats down and autumn feels so close, yet so far away. These are the days of iced tea, popsicles and cold showers. Follow the steps below to cool down with homemade iced tea. All you’ll need is a few ingredients and a little flavor.

1. Select Your Tea: Pick your favorite tea, from exotic teas like chai to classic green, black or herbal, loose or bags.

2. Double the Strength: You’ll need twice as much tea as you’d normally use since you’ll be pouring the brew over ice, which will cause dilution.

3. Boil and Steep: Bring a pot of water to a boil and pour over your loose-leaf tea or tea bags. Pro tip: For green and white teas, use water just short of boiling. Next, allow your tea to steep for the amount of time noted on the tea package.

4. Pour over Ice: After steeping, strain tea or remove tea bags and pour hot liquid directly over a cup filled with ice.

5. Pick Your Flavor: Many people enjoy flavored or sweetened iced teas, but doing so can be tricky as honey and sugar don’t mix well in cold beverages. Pro tip: Try DaVinci Gourmet Fruit Innovations Syrups, specially formulated to flavor cold beverages.

6. Enjoy: Kick up your feet on the porch, sit back and enjoy your homemade afternoon cool-down.


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