3 Tips for Making Iced Tea a Spotlight in Your Café

Tips for Making Iced Tea in Your CaféIced tea is a popular, refreshing café beverage that’s easy to make and incredibly versatile. While there are plenty of mixes and pre-made beverages available, offering iced tea brewed in in your café can be the most cost effective and provide your customers with a unique experience they can’t find elsewhere.

Here are a few easy suggestions for brewing a great cup of tea.

First, use fresh tea. Brew the drink as you would normally for hot tea, allow to steep, then pour over ice. This may seem time consuming, but the full flavor of fresh tea is worth it, as well as the money you save purchasing tea bags over pre-made drinks. If you want to save time, brew a large batch of fresh tea in the morning, making more once or twice a day.

Second, add flavor. Anyone can make their own iced tea at home, but not everyone has an array of flavor options. Green teas pair well with citrus flavors such as lemon or fruit flavors like passion fruit. Black teas pair well with berry flavors such as raspberry or sweet flavors like peach. Make your menu really distinct with tasty flavor combinations, like iced vanilla blueberry black tea.

Third, be open to suggestions. Let your customers create their own iced tea flavor combinations. You might find a great new flavor pairing you wouldn’t have thought of on your own. Plus, your guests will always be happy and eager to come back to try new flavors.

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