How to Make Espresso the Right Way

How to Make Espresso the Right WayMaking the perfect espresso can be difficult, but worth the effort once you have that first sip. Whether you’re a budding barista or a coffee connoisseur, these tips can help you achieve the flavor you’re looking for. Scroll down for a few recipes that will keep up with your handcrafted espresso.

What Is Espresso?

Espresso refers to a specific method of brewing coffee. Finely ground coffee beans are packed tightly, as high-pressure water is forced through the grounds. This results in a thicker consistency than regular coffee – voilà! Espresso!

How Do I Make It?

  • Choosing your roast

For the freshest flavor, we recommend using coffee beans no more than 2 weeks from their roast date. Research the different roasts to help you choose which flavor appeals the most.

  • Grind those beans!

For the freshest flavor, grind your coffee beans right before making your espresso. Getting the right grind may take practice. A fine grind is recommended for espresso, and your final product should have about the same consistency as sugar. If you don’t own a grinder, you may purchase freshly ground beans from an espresso or coffee shop.

  • Water, water everywhere

Using the right water can affect your espresso flavor more than you’d think! It’s important to use purified water without too much calcium, magnesium or other mineral.

  • Measure it out

Getting the right amount of coffee beans is vital to creating the perfect taste. An espresso is usually about 7 grams for a single shot, or 14 grams for a double. Measure the coffee into your portafilter basket, and make sure the grounds are even across the basket, using your finger or a knife.

  • Time to tamp

A tamper is used to pack the coffee grounds firmly into the portafilter basket and fits just inside of the basket. About 30 pounds of pressure is recommended to tamp your grounds efficiently and correctly. Lightly brush away any coffee remains around the basket perimeter, but make sure not to bump the freshly tamped grounds.

  • Brew and enjoy

Once your espresso machine is ready, add your basket to the grouphead on your machine, place your espresso cup under the basket and get ready to enjoy your drink! An espresso should take about 20–25 seconds to brew. If the coffee is capped with a brown foam (also known as crema), you’re brewing correctly! As soon as the cream starts to look white,remove your cup and enjoy your drink.

What Else Can I Make with My Espresso?

Your espresso can be sipped as is, but you’re also free to make a multitude of drink creations, including but not limited to…

When you want dessert for breakfast, try a Cinnamon Dutch Apple Pie Latte.

To spice up your afternoon with a fun twist on a caramel latte, try a La Vida Latte.

For a healthier alternative for a sweet treat, savor a Sugar-Free Chocolate Toffee Latte – and feel free to use skim milk as a substitute!

When you need that early morning wake-up, enjoy a Coffee Cappuccino.

For a perfect combination to serve at your next dinner party, sip on an After Dinner Mint Latte Au Natural.

Here’s a five-star drink you can make from the comfort of your own home, a Tiramisu Cappuccino.

Crafting the perfect espresso will take practice, but is worth the work once you’re able to enjoy and savor your drink!