4 Home Coffee-Roasting Tips for the Perfect Brew

Home Coffee Roasting Tips for the Perfect BrewBrewing your own coffee at home is convenient, costs less and can be just as good as from the café, if you know a few tips and tricks.

  1. Find Your Roast: The longer a coffee bean is roasted, the darker its color, which is why coffee is described as light, medium or dark. Many people assume a light roast is not as strong as dark, but light roasts actually retain the highest amount of caffeine. Light roasts have high acidity and a grainy taste. Medium roasts are, as their name indicates, more balanced in flavor, aroma and acidity. Dark roasts have the least amount of caffeine and a smoky or burnt taste. You’ll probably want to sample a few to find the right roast for your taste.


  1. Use Filtered Water: A good cup of joe is about more than just the coffee beans. Well water or tap water with chlorine can ruin your entire pot of coffee. Bottled spring water makes the best coffee, but even just a water filter will improve your morning brew. Distilled water, on the other hand, makes a horrible pot of coffee because it lacks essential minerals.


  1. Step Up Your Machine: If you’re sick of the same old automatic drip machine, try out a French press, chemex or the best espresso machine for your home. Both the French press and the chemex are easy to use, relatively cheap (around $40) and make café-quality coffee.


  1. Make It Your Own: Come up with your own coffeehouse-inspired recipes that cater to your taste. Add milk, creamer or dairy substitutes like soy milk or almond milk. Then add your favorite flavors, like Chocolate for a homemade mocha, Vanilla for just a touch of sweet or Peppermint Paddy for a little something fun.


With the right ingredients, making your own coffee at home can be just as delicious, if not more, than going to a café.