A Brief History of Hazelnut Coffee Flavor

A Brief History of Hazelnut CoffeePour a hot cup of coffee, crack open a fresh bottle of Hazelnut Syrup and dive into what makes this coffee flavoring such a staple in foods, desserts and morning indulgences.

Evidence of large-scale nut processing dates back to 7,000 BCE. Which means that people really like their hazelnuts. And there’s good reason. Hazelnuts’ versatility makes them a sought-after ingredient in confectionery to make butter, chocolates, pralines and pastes. They can be enjoyed chopped on top of a variety of dishes, from desserts to poultry. Hazelnuts also flavor liqueurs and, our personal favorite, coffee.

Hazelnuts can be savored untoasted or toasted. The delicious raw flavor of untoasted (also called unroasted) hazelnuts is common in many popular liqueurs. The mild taste of untoasted hazelnut is great for liqueurs because it doesn’t overpower the other strong flavors of fruit, flowers, cream, sugar, spice and herbs typically found in liqueurs.

The more intense flavor of roasted hazelnuts, on the other hand, is what most people are accustomed to tasting in their coffee. The roasted hazelnut flavor has a warmer and nuttier flavor than untoasted, making it the perfect complement for a steaming cup of java.

Our Toasted Hazelnut Classic Syrup is a great addition to any cup of coffee on its own, but also works in a wide range of recipes, like this one:

Butternut Latte


½ oz DaVinci Gourmet Toasted Hazelnut Classic Syrup

½ oz DaVinci Gourmet Butterscotch Classic Syrup

2 shots espresso

8 oz steamed milk


Combine all ingredients in a 12-oz cup and enjoy!

Choose from a variety of DaVinci Gourmet Hazelnut Syrups:

  • DaVinci Gourmet Hazelnut Coffee Flavor Enhancers
  • Toasted Hazelnut Classic Syrup
  • Toasted Hazelnut Sugar Free Syrup
  • Untoasted Hazelnut Classic Syrup
  • Untoasted Hazelnut Sugar Free Syrup


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  • Juan Miguel @Hazelnut Coffee Recipe

    Ingredients: 1 Tablespoon Hazelnut ( 2 tbs hazelnut powder) 1 Tbs coffee beans (2 tbs coffee ground powder) 2 teaspoon sugar 2 tablespoon hot milk 2 tablespoon whipped cream