Green Coffee Bean Extract Fuels DaVinci Gourmet Invigorators

Green Coffee Bean Extract Fuels DaVinci Gourmet Invigorators

Coffee fuels more than just your caffeine needs, it energizes the soul and is the uplifting daily kick-start for millions. But caffeine isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for many. Though customers depend on energy throughout the day, they’re often met with the dilemma of another cup of coffee or soft drink.

That’s where green coffee bean extract comes in. The popular ingredient traces back to the very root of that delicious cup of java on your desk. Before roasting, coffee beans are green and full of antioxidants like chologenic acid and other compounds thought to have a positive effect on your health in addition to the caffeine.

Though some effects of green coffee bean extract are up in the air, it’s no doubt that the trend has swept the world for a healthier take on caffeinated beverage choices.

A more refreshing, natural shift in afternoon caffeine intake influences many juice and green coffee bean extract–based beverages, and has extended to the café counter as a popular addition to chilled drink menu boards. The three flavors of our DaVinci Gourmet Invigorators were inspired by the afternoon caffeine-seeker and dreamed up to arm cafés for the popular trend.

Kiwi Lime – Naturally sweet kiwi flavor balances a crisp lime tartness for a tempting, tangy blend.

Orange Melon – Full-bodied orange flavor combines with mellow melon for a smooth, tropical taste.

Raspberry Pomegranate – The unmistakable tang of raspberry blends with sweet-tart pomegranate for a well-rounded flavor.

Try DaVinci Gourmet Invigorators and add an afternoon refreshment to your café menu.