DIY Gingerbread Coffee to Enjoy at Home

Gingerbread Coffee to Enjoy at HomeGingerbread is a classic holiday treat, from cookies and cakes to festive variations like gingerbread men and gingerbread houses. Gingerbread pairs the slightly spicy flavor of ginger with the sweet taste of honey or molasses. It’s no wonder the treat has remained a favorite since it was brought to France in the year 992 by an Armenian monk.

The sweet and spicy flavors of gingerbread also make a great flavor shot for your coffee. While there are many coffeehouses that offer a gingerbread latte during the holiday season, there’s nothing quite like enjoying the sentimental flavor of gingerbread from the comfort of your own home, nestled into your favorite armchair or while you wrap presents for loved ones.

Making your own gingerbread coffee at home also means you can customize it to your taste. Whatever brewing method you prefer—traditional drip, French press, percolator, moka pot, chemex, you name it—a simple pump or two of DaVinci Gourmet Gingerbread Classic Syrup will add holiday cheer to your favorite coffee.

You can personalize your gingerbread coffee even more with add-ins like steamed milk, honey, spices, whipped cream and even gingerbread men for dunking. Serving your own gingerbread coffee recipe after a holiday meal is great way to continue the merriment and start a new tradition.

What’s your spin on gingerbread coffee? We want to know! Share your recipe in the comments below.


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