Espresso Tonic: An Innovative Fall Sparkler for Your Café

Espresso Tonic: An Innovative Fall Sparkler for Your CaféEspresso tonic, also called café tonic, is the latest trend to hit American cafés. The drink, simply a mix of espresso and tonic water, has been on European café menus for a while now, but only recently has appeared in the States.

Crafting the perfect espresso tonic isn’t as easy as it sounds. First, pour 6 oz of tonic water over ice. Second, slowly pour a shot of espresso over the top. Pouring in the wrong order or too fast will ruin the drink. Also, look for an espresso that’s not too bitter to complement the citric, fruity taste of the drink.

Many customers and first-time samplers of espresso tonic will find the drink intense because of its distinct flavor. Provide your customers with the option of sweetening their drink to encourage them to try it. Try DaVinci Gourmet Cane Sugar Syrup for a classic approach. Orange Classic Syrup also works well to bring out the sweet, sour and bitter flavors of espresso tonic.

Customize your espresso tonic for the seasons with unique flavor twists. Add a pump of DaVinci Gourmet Apple Classic Syrup and Cinnamon Classic Syrup for a distinctly fall drink. Customers will love sampling the latest coffee trend in a variety of flavor options.