Do your customers love you? How to rock your customer service.

Do your customers love you? How to rock your customer service.

Can you imagine a pretty Christmas tree with trash bags lying around it? It may be memorable, but for the wrong reasons. That’s kind of like a café with great coffee and unfriendly staff.

Our Flavor Oracle Levi has been a barista for over ten years, working at four different coffee shops. He owned a café and made enough in tips to reinvest his paycheck into his business. That’s a place we all want to be, right?

Do your customers love you? Read our pro tips for baristas

So how’d he do it? With excellent customer service skills. You can, too, as long as you really, truly care about your customers.

Fuel yourself.

We may be talking about customers here, but the journey to good customer service starts with you. Sounds easy enough!

Get enough sleep and always eat before you clock in. Hungry baristas aren’t friendly baristas.

Dress the part.

Levi’s rule? Dress like you’re going on a first date.

Whatever that means to you, we bet it’s a nice spiffy outfit that shows customers you take this job seriously. Of course, make sure the staff discusses a general dress code so there’s somewhat of a cohesive look among team members.

Chat with your customers.

Get to know your regulars and pick up where the conversation left off. Ask follow-up questions and remember what they like to chat about.

Don’t ask the same question or tell the same joke twice.

Deal with tough customers.

Unfortunately, this is just a fact of life as a barista. Levi has some ways to combat those tough guys, though.

Don’t embarrass cell phone talkers. They know they’re on the phone, no need to call them out. If you embarrass them, they won’t come back. And worse yet, they’ll probably tell their friends the baristas at your café are rude.

When big groups walk in, take a minute to introduce yourself and tell them about your café and your delicious coffee and specialty drinks. It doesn’t hurt to point out where the restrooms are either.

Ever been stuck with a talker? Listen for a couple minutes, and then it’s okay to say, “Thanks for sharing, will you be back tomorrow?” or “I really have to help these people behind you right now, great to see you!”

When you offer all sorts of flavorful beverages, it’s no surprise that some customers will have trouble deciding what to order. Help them out by asking what they typically order or what beverages they love.

Make the tip jar work for you.

We all love a good tip. Interactive tip jars get people involved. Mix them up over time so your customers stay engaged.

Pro tip: Drop a few $1 bills from your own pocket into the jar. It shows your customers that not only are your baristas are worth tipping, but they’re worth bills not change.

That all sounds do-able now, doesn’t it? Put on your best apron and a smile and get to work!