Coffee Flavor Shots for the On-the-Go Java Lover

Coffee Flavor Shots for the On-the-Go Java LoverLiving the life of a barista or coffee aficionado has its ups and downs. First, you’re surrounded by delicious blends of all types of roasts and origins on a daily basis. You might brew batches for others, or simply a single cup for a spark in your morning (who are we kidding, can you really be satisfied with a single cup?).

You carefully choose the beans for a pure treat, or hone your craft with steamed milk, espresso and the finest flavors to complement. While we’d all love to bring our own blend and flavors everywhere we go, sometimes the communal work coffeepot is just unavoidable.

Enter DaVinci Gourmet Coffee Flavoring.

When you can’t control the coffee, you can still explore the finest flavors with one squeeze. That’s what we set out to do with our coffee flavor shots. Our Coffee Flavor Enhancers are zero calories, dairy-free and need no refrigeration. And the 49mL flavors fit your purse as much as your personality. Explore a timeless flavor selection unofficially voted most popular by coffee flavoring connoisseurs.

Are you one to love the classic taste of Caramel coffee flavor shots? An original coffee combination of buttery toasted sugar with a hint of vanilla.

Do you fancy a little French Vanilla? The sweet staple of coffee flavors can turn a single cup of coffee into the creamy, rich, custard-like essence of the ice cream it was named for.

How about Hazelnut? The coffee flavor shots are reminiscent of warmth and holiday delights. A sought-after flavor in all types of beverages, it’s no surprise hazelnut is a favorite among flavored java lovers.

Bring the flavor along wherever life takes you. And just like the coffee cravings inside you, we’re not going to stop there. Keep an eye out for more flavors.

Tell us what coffee flavor shots you’re daydreaming about in the comments.


  • shazia

    Where can i purchase these to coffee flavorings?

  • DaVinci Gourmet

    Hi, Martha. You can find our full products here:

  • Martha Regenbogen

    Where can I buy these by the dozen?