5 Essential Coffee Accessories That Will Change Your Morning Routine

5 Essential Coffee Accessories That Will Change Your Morning Routine

Coffee is so much more than just a hot beverage. It wakes you up each morning; it’s your afternoon mental break and the companion to a good book. So why not treat your coffee to the accessories it deserves with the ideas below.

Cold Coffee Gadgets

Fall doesn’t officially start for a couple more weeks, which means iced coffees and cold brews are the only way to beat the late summer heat. This cup uses a special insulating sleeve to transform freshly brewed hot coffee into iced coffee. The Cold Bruer allows you to make the summer’s biggest trend, slow drip cold brew coffee, in the comfort of your own home.

Cool Cups

What better way to show off your cup of joe than with the cup itself. If you have an espresso maker, serve your caffeine shots in artistic espresso cups, like this award-winning set from the Museum of Modern Art. Bodum’s Pavina Glasses keep hot coffee hot and cold coffee cold with a vacuum layer of thermal insulation.

Flavor Options

If you’re serious about home brewing, start a small collection of flavor syrups, like those used by baristas in coffee shops. Start with the basics like Caramel, French Vanilla or Hazelnut. Then personalize your collection with your favorite flavors, whether they’re Dessert, Fruit or Sugar Free. You could also try making your own homemade coffee creamer for a sweet and creamy pick-me-up.

Brewing Devices

For those who only want a single cup of coffee, coffee drippers allow you to manually brew your java just the way you like it, without the hassle of making an entire Chemex pot. If you’re a milk-in-your-coffee type of person, consider a milk frother for rich and creamy lattes and cappuccinos at home. Grinding your beans just before brewing is the best way to get the full spectrum of flavor from your coffee, so if you don’t already have one, it’s time to invest in a coffee grinder.

Portable Tumblers

After using all your fancy new coffee accessories to brew the perfect cup, the last thing you’ll want is to be rushed as you sip. Invest in a quality to-go mug, so you can maintain the quality of your fresh brew on the move. A Thermos is a classic way to preserve temperature and flavor, plus it comes with a built-in cup to enjoy your beverage anywhere. Or go for something stylish with creative, personalized tumblers.

Looking for more coffee brewing tips? Check out our guides for the Chemex, AeroPress vs. French Press or the Percolator.

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