Brewing Methods Part 1: Make Your Own Chemex Coffee

Brewing Method: Make Your Own Chemex Coffee

There are plenty of ways to brew your coffee at home, but not many can boast a method that has remained unchanged for over 70 years. The Chemex is an easy and convenient way to brew delicious coffee at home. All you need is a coffee grinder, filters and hot water.

The Chemex is made of high-quality heat-resistant glass, which results in flavorful coffee without bitterness or sediment. It comes with a polished wood collar and leather tie, so you can pour your cup of coffee immediately after the last drip.

What you need: 

1. Coffee bean
2. Grinder
3. Chemex pit
4. Kettle
5. Measuring tool
6. Paper filter

Brew coffee in just 4–5 minutes:

1. Preheat water to a boil and let it sit for 30 seconds
2. Place filter inside the Chemex
3. Pre-rinse filter with hot water to seal the filter and rinse out the paper flavor
4. Discard the rinse water and add your ground coffee into filter
5. Slowly pour just enough hot water to saturate the grounds and let them bloom for 30 seconds
6. Now begin pouring continuously in a spiraling pattern. If the water level nears the rim of the Chemex, pause for a moment to let it drain before continuing
7. Allow water to drain through the filter
8. Discard coffee filter
9. Pour coffee into coffee mug
10. Add your favorite DVG syrup
11. Drink and enjoy

The result is a slower brew and a richer cup of coffee. Get inspired and be the creator of your own café favorites when you add flavors like DaVinci Gourmet Caramel Classic Syrup, French Vanilla Classic Syrup or Hazelnut Classic Syrup.

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