Café Holiday Decorating Ideas to Dazzle Your Guests

Café Holiday Decorating IdeasThe holidays are here, which means so much more than just adding a Peppermint Mocha to your café menu (but you should do that too). Spread the cheer by sprucing up your café décor. Whether you’re willing to go big or you’re looking for something simple, we’ve got you covered.

Go All Out: Transform your café into a winter wonderland and become the talk of the town. Decorate a tree with specialty ornaments and deck your walls with wreaths, garlands and holiday lights. Get really into the holiday spirit with a toy train track or make gingerbread houses to use as table centerpieces. For an authentic feel in your café, try DIY gingerbread houses. Your efforts are sure to pay off as you get increased foot traffic from seekers of holiday cheer.

Find the Middle Ground: Get a little help from your customers this year. Set up a “charity tree” and purchase ornaments in bulk. Every time a customer orders a drink, ask if they’d like to donate a dollar to charity. If they agree, let them write their name on an ornament and hang it on the tree. You can also set up a craft corner for customers to make paper angels and popcorn garlands. Reward participating customer with free flavor shots for their coffee, like peppermint, Egg Nog, or gingerbread.

Be Minimal: Support your local Goodwill or Salvation Army and purchase a variety of homey stockings, which add a holiday touch and are easy to hang up around your café. If you have a chalkboard for daily specials, draw holly, fireplaces, hats and mittens. Be sure to offer plenty of seasonal warm drink specials, as well.

String up some lights that you can leave off in other seasons, or get a neutral color like white, which you can leave on yearlong. Even something as simple as playing holiday music or handing out candy canes will add a little cheer to your customers’ day.

What other décor ideas do you craft up for your café? Let us know in the comments.