Affogato Recipes: A Classic Italian Treat

Affogato Recipes: A Classic Italian TreatAffogato is a traditional Italian coffee-based beverage that has recently made a splash in American cafés and restaurants. At its simplest, affogato is a scoop of vanilla gelato “drowned” (the English translation of its name) in a shot of hot espresso. Yet many variations on the delectable drink have surfaced in cafés and restaurants around the States.

Creating traditional affogato is easy. Place a scoop of vanilla gelato—about 3 ounces—in a cup. Try pre-chilling the cup to reduce the melting effect of the espresso. Then pour an espresso shot directly over the gelato and serve immediately. Packing the gelato tightly also slows the speed of melting, although half the fun comes from watching your drink transform from solid to liquid before your eyes.

Many have experimented with using different gelato flavors instead of classic vanilla. And some substitute various types of ice cream instead of gelato to create a more American take on the Italian beverage. Others have experimented with the hot shot poured over the cream base, using anything from sparkling wine to tea.

The variations are endless, making it easy to create your own unique twist. While no two affogatos can be alike, it’s clear that American affogatos all have one thing in common: a preference for flavor variety.

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