Affogato Recipes: A Classic Italian Treat

Affogato is a traditional Italian coffee-based beverage that has recently made a splash in American cafés and restaurants. At its simplest, affogato is a scoop of vanilla gelato “drowned” (the English translation of its name) in a shot of hot espresso. Yet many variations on the delectable drink have surfaced in cafés and restaurants around...

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Sugar-Free Recipe for Hard Candy

Homemade hard candy is a unique treat to share with loved ones, enjoy yourself or use as a party favor. Plus, when you make it yourself you know exactly what’s going into it, so you can customize the flavor to your preferences. DaVinci Gourmet has over 70 sugar-free flavors, so you can create your own...

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Coffee Flavor Shots for the On-the-Go Java Lover

Living the life of a barista or coffee aficionado has its ups and downs. First, you’re surrounded by delicious blends of all types of roasts and origins on a daily basis. You might brew batches for others, or simply a single cup for a spark in your morning (who are we kidding, can you really...

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A Brief History of Hazelnut Coffee

Pour a hot cup of coffee, crack open a fresh bottle of Hazelnut Syrup and dive into what makes this coffee flavoring such a staple in foods, desserts and morning indulgences. Evidence of large-scale nut processing dates back to 7,000 BCE. Which means that people really like their hazelnuts. And there’s good reason. Hazelnuts’ versatility...

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